- Kryptokit (deprecated) -

  • UNOFFICIAL KRYPTOKIT release (deprecated)
  • Note: This is our own modified KryptoKit release. KryptoKit official team does not offer any kind of support for this release. We value their work and time, please read information below, read FAQ section and contact us directly if needed, but do not bother KryptoKit team. This is only provided as an integration sample and is deprecated.

    For common drivers installation, read the dedicated Drivers section


    • An unofficial build of KryptoKit modified to support HW-1 with a single key. On first run, click on the pop up window to grant access to the dongle then open it again. Set up the dongle using a 4 digits PIN, optionally restore an HD wallet seed, and you're all set. To reinstall a new seed after one is created, enter 3 wrong PIN codes. Of course, be careful before thinking about using this software and before recycling smart cards.

Video tutorials

Unofficial KryptoKit installation:

Smart card setup with unofficial KryptoKit:

Smart card copy or restore (backuped seed) with unofficial KryptoKit:

How to make a payment with HW-1 USB smart card hardware wallet and unofficial KryptoKit: